Wesley Remington

Founder and CEO

Wesley Remington is a Belarusian fintech professional and blockchain expert. He founded Daily Mines in 2020 and has grown it into one of the most successful and dynamic businesses in the sector. He started in the crypto industry as a top trader and has a massively profitable portfolio of investments in the seed stage of many successful Web 3.0 companies. In 2015 itself, Wesley found amazing value in crypto mining farms using renewable energy and has ever since been on a mission to democratize cryptocurrency mining.

Willow Roberts


I am responsible for the financial health of the organization. My goal is to help navigate the complex financial landscape and drive value for all our Investors and Stakeholders.

Emmet Walker


I am here to lead and support by providing insights on technical topics, emerging technologies and data management. My goal is to help us make informed decisions that drive growth and competitiveness.

Sean Evans


I play a vital role in the day-to-day operations of the organization. My goal is to help us optimize the performance of our organization and drive value to our customers and stakeholders.

Dean Thomas

Chief Marketing Officer

I drive strategic marketing initiatives to cultivate a robust investor base. My role encompasses developing and executing effective campaigns, enhancing the company's digital presence, and nurturing client relationships.

Maizie Wilson

Sales Head

I play a critical role in driving the revenue for our organization. My goal is to keep improving our sales strategies and improvising according to the market trends to drive growth and success for us at all times.

Nicolas Garcia

Global Communications Head

I play a key role in driving awareness, engagement, and loyalty for our organization. My goal is to expand our communication and customer acquisition globally through branding and advertising to become a reputed name in the industry.


Marketing Manager

I play an important role in managing our organization's online presence and reputation. My goal is to connect with our customers and provide information and insights on a wide range of platform specific topics, audience engagement and our marketing strategies that helps them to grow and develop their finances in a systematic way.


Marketing Executive

As a marketing executive, I play a pivotal role in steering our organization's digital presence and enhancing its reputation. My mission is to engage with our customers, deliver tailored content, and drive strategic marketing efforts that empower financial growth and development. I'm here to ensure our brand shines and adds significant value to our audience's financial journey.

Fiona Lewis

Legal Advisor

I am responsible for providing legal guidance and support to Daily Mines. My role involves researching and analysing complex legal and regulatory issues, drafting contracts and agreements, and negotiating with stakeholders.

Heather Wright

Community Manager

I am responsible for building and managing online communities for Daily Mines. This includes creating and implementing community engagement strategies, moderating content, and fostering positive relationships with members.

Kelley Ford

Customer Support

I am one of the first point of contact for customers who need assistance with our product or service. My main responsibility is to provide excellent customer service, resolve customer inquiries and complaints in a timely manner, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Teagen Norris

Mining Head

I am responsible for overseeing all aspects of the mining process, including the design, implementation, and maintenance of the mining infrastructure. I work closely with site engineers and other technical staff to ensure that the mining operation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Taylor Cox

Site Engineer

I am responsible for the maintenance of the cryptocurrency mining infrastructure. This includes the hardware, software, and network systems used for mining.